A new oil finish lineup coming your way!

Oil Finish

We have over 20 years of experience utilizing oil finishes in our products, usually a Bacchus staple that we are bringing to Momose Handcrafted Guitars for a spin.
The oil finish is characterized by providing an ultra-thin coating that allows you to feel the wood directly and providing a raw and direct sound both due to the thinness of the coating.

When making musical instruments, using an oil finish means fewer options for the wood and the production means since due to the aforementioned thinness of the coating you have to be more careful about how you work the wood and the materials you utilize.

In 2020, we will fully expand the lineup of oil finishes for Momose products!


Introducing the new colors

Today, we will revelal 3 new colors

BLU/OIL(Blue Oil)

・WH/OIL(White Oil)

・CHG/OIL(Charcoal Oil)


The selected models are the Momose original ash body models "MC2" "MT2" "MJ2". There are Madagascar rosewood fingerboard models and maple fingerboard models, all together the new options add up to 6 new models.

Check them out!!



Contact your local dealer if you are interested in any of these models!


Today's models

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Momose Custom Craft Guitars【MT2-STD/M】- Product Page


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