A fully Japanese pair from the latest -One Day Guitar Show- event!

We will take a closer look at the special models that appeared at the Deviser 2020 Virtual -One Day Guitar Show- held on November 11, 2020.
This time, we would like to introduce the "Japanese-Concept - Kurogaki" or black persimmon tree wood, a limited one-off model that was presented at this event!

In these models, we are combining Japanese alder for the body back and Japanese maple for the neck with "Kurogaki", which is a representative of high-class Japanese materials.
The fretboard material is striped ebony (macassar ebony) that matches well with the body top material. The result is a unique model that really gives off a Japanese vibe.

Let’s go into more detail!

Body top: Kurogaki

The black persimmon wood used for the body top is named this way because only some of the trees produce that unique black striped grain. Therefore, it is not known whether it is a black persimmon until it is cut down, which makes it a highly rare material.


▲ Black persimmon wood material being sawn at our company.

Black persimmon is the finest Japanese wood material and has been used for a long time n high-class furniture.
The wood is hard and the sound has a good attack feeling.

Body Back:Hannoki (Japanese alder)

The Japanese alder wood used for the body back is a kind of wood similar to regular alder, but it has is slightly harder.
All of these pieces being different result in a truly unique tone that represents the Japanese materials while still being similar enough to the original to know what you are getting.

The Japanese alder wood we are using was carefully selected to have a beautiful flame quality to its grain, enhancing the looks of the back even further.

Neck:Kaede(Japanese Maple)

Japanese Maple is used for the neck. Compared with your regular maple, it has a slightly red coloration. We also picked the highest quality pieces to get the best and most tightly packed grain.

Coloring: 2 Color Pearl Coloring

The coloring is finished with a burst of pearl color special paint.
The MT model has gold pearls in the green coloring, and it changes how it looks from green to gold depending on how the light hits, and by combining it with the amazing grain of the black persimmon, it gives, as a result, a gorgeous coloring while having a truly unique atmosphere.

The MC model is colored pink with pink pearls.
It looks like pink to vermilion, and when combined with the black persimmon's grain, it gives a soft vibe that pairs perfectly with the MT model giving a warm feeling from heads to toes.

Only 1 unit of each model was made for the event so make sure you don’t miss them

Today models

・Momose MC-Premium/KG #12199

・Momose MT-Premium/KG #12204