A special limited-edition MJM model is coming this Fall!

A special limited-edition Momose MJM model is coming this Fall!

An MJM with a hollow body design that proved popular amongst the fans during this year’s Deviser Virtual Product Showcase that took place a couple of months back, is now back as a limited-edition model!

■ Let's take a look at the points of interest on this model

・ Momose original headstock with wood binding

The original “m” shaped headstock that as you might expect stands for Momose, not only gives a stylish impression but it also is very easily recognizable even when watched from afar on a live performance.

Additionally, the original headstock models have a wood binding on their fretboards.

The fretboard binding, which is made of the same wood as the fretboard material to seamlessly provide all the benefits with no impact on the looks. It offers a durable fretboard that is resistant to drying, and also allows for you to slide your hand smoothly thought the length of the board.

・ MJM style with a hollow bod

A hollow structure is combined with the traditional MJM body style.

As a result, the raw and pure sound of the body flows naturally, and you can play a sound that spreads gently through the room.

Of course, it also it’s also a perfect fit for playing with a drive sound, in fact, that we recommend giving it a try.

Also, it has a bit of a different look because of the F-holes that aren’t usually found on the regular MJM models.

The overall body weight is quite light so it makes it a very easy to handle model.

This is just the right model for those that liked the MJM models but wished a bit of a more flashy presentation!








・Momose MJMH1-LTD/NJ



and more ... Other colors of MJMH1-LTD / NJ are under active production, so please keep your eyes open for more news!

This is a limited model, so if you are interested, please contact your local product dealer as soon as possible!