Modern Virtuoso series

Since our launch in 2002, we at Momose Custom Craft guitars have been producing high-class vintage-oriented electric guitars and basses with our main goal being to have our guitars be handcrafted from scratch by experienced builders. Our new Modern Virtuoso series was launched in 2020 to share our passion for guitar building to a wider audience, integrating new features sought-after by the modern music scene. In today's world where people can share their own music and performance through social media, the possibility of becoming a prominent and acclaimed musician is open to everyone. With this new Modern Virtuoso series, we hope to be able to help ambitious players find the means to express themselves creating splendid musical performances.

Special Page

MOMOSE Custom Craft Guitars is a traditional electric guitar/bass brand bearing the name of "Yasuo Momose", a senior master builder at our Aska Workshop in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Yasuo Momose's philosophy and technique for making musical instruments have been materialized into this brand, and to make it justice, attention is paid at every step of the way, while emphasizing on achieving a traditional design. We promise you instruments on a category of their own, amazing quality, and en emphasis on great playability.